Boleskine House – For Sale in 4 Lots

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Formerly a gracious B listed Georgian house of historic note, Boleskine House was predominantly destroyed by fire in 2015 and today the main walls with echoes of its former splendour are all that remains. The opportunity now exists to restore the house and grounds to create an outstanding property subject to obtaining the necessary consents.

The house sits in approximately 9.3 hectares comprising formal gardens (now overgrown), grazing land and mature woodland.

Source: Boleskine House – Lot 1, Foyers, Inverness, IV2 Land for sale – £200,000

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7 comments on “Boleskine House – For Sale in 4 Lots

  1. hadgigegenraum

    Divide and conquer…one would have thought the estate should have been hacked into 14 pieces
    for the bankers, barristers, real estate agents and other vermin
    of paper spells and deeds
    no trespassing and we will tell you not to walk on the flowers
    thank you very much…

    So perhaps ISIS will buy it all four
    and four for one if you have enough five
    in your account to even try
    but the ply is to rip home from its grounds
    to further mock and alienate

    Just as Notre Dame will be puckered up
    the Bolskine you say.
    Turn your head the other way
    I will take my ruins skyclad and spooky
    Dark for stars to see
    with groves on the grounds
    for celebrants to so feast
    with kiblah
    potent through the ages

    or until the deed is signed away
    number three is still available
    and two is on order
    until the money can be confirmed of course
    but four is best, but one is surely tempting
    but if you get all four we will throw in
    ‘Cefelu for free!

    Because Real Estate
    the only firm to go with
    you know, yes you will know
    because will have you
    plus some plots in the western lands
    that are wonderful little bardo placements
    yours forever
    just sign the papers and die
    of course some trees in New Jersey might fit the bill
    but we are going off track
    where’s the OTO
    or rather the AA
    no the LIL is coming out of hiding and have a bid in already
    but wait is it confirmed that rainbow anarcho thelemic squatters have
    already swarmed the place, refusing to budge
    children have already been conceived
    and in great numbers
    locals say that a certain wafts of odor seem to overwhelm
    a musky musk of electric ardor that swoons a breezy
    enveloping tide
    but such visions wane for the demographic umph died a long time ago

    And then all that went silent and disappear
    a news story
    some sort of obsessions
    something far from the maddening crowds
    a silence of ruins
    whose wings are open to fly
    for to sky
    but what ever happened to the ski’s up in the attic
    was there an attic?

    Skyclad and comely…..when the fucking neighbors turn off their flood lights!

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