Boleskine House Foundation Statement

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The Boleskine House Foundation SCIO unequivocally supports the equal rights and opportunities of all people. We stand firmly against all matters of discrimination, be it racial, sexual/gender orientation, peoples with disabilities, political affiliations, religious beliefs, or otherwise.

We became aware that past social media posts made by one of our newly appointed trustees show images that are in conflict with this statement, and that many have rightfully found them upsetting, distasteful, and insensitive. Following this the trustee in question was asked to resign which they did this morning, alongside two others who resigned because they disagreed with this decision.

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\it is the first time I have seen that architectural drawing of the front of Boleskine House.
That is modern, I suppose.


Keith & Kyra Readdy are mentioned in today’s Sunday Times (London). They are mentioned in an article about Boleskine.
You’ll have to search form it yourself. I cannot breach the famous pay wall. Perhaps someone else can.