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An interesting interview with the owner of Boleskine House…

Dutch millionairess Trudy Piekaar-Bakker told how disappointed she was in the looters who raided it after the blaze and warned the Curse of Boleskine House would exact retribution on them. The Amsterdam businesswoman who made her fortune in a Japanese car parts business also talked about restoring the burned out shell and revealed a mysterious stranger had taken up residence in only remaining room. Once the lair of drug addled sex mad occultist, Aleister Crowley, the B-listed mansion was also owned by rock legend Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin [sic.] for 22 years before the inferno that lit up the southern shore of Loch Ness just before Christmas 2015. Last month it was put on the buildings at risk register by Historic Environment Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed the cause of the fire remains “unknown”.

Source: Boleskine House | UK | News |

Rumours have circulated within this community about the ownership of the House. It’s a great shame that we had to witness its destruction before confirming the detail…

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Jamie J Barter

“[…] revealed a mysterious stranger had taken up residence in only remaining room. […] Recently there had been a man – named locally as Mordechai Moshe – staying in the one and only room in [the] Boleskine House” Well this is all news to me, and raises a whole heap of questions which would challenge the deductive capabilities of a Simon Iff… the photographs all show a burnt out shell and don’t seem to reveal anything LIKE one room left standing! How could there possibly be any “furniture” left in “storage” in any such room after such an almighty conflagration?… Read more »