Boleskine: iPhone App

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Boleskine App Screenshot

Boleskine App Screenshot

The iPhone remains a relatively untapped resource for Thelemic applications so this one is especially welcome…

Boleskine is a ritual compass that points to the real coordinates of Boleskine House.

Both Liber Reguli and the Gnostic Mass speak of ritually orienting toward Boleskine House, Aleister Crowley’s former home in Loch Ness Scotland. Many Thelemites and ritualists interested in the works of Aleister Crowley have no way of discerning its exact direction relative to their position on the Earth. This simple application solves that problem by using the geographic location of your iPhone, and triangulating your exact position to the latitude and longitude coordinates of Boleskine House. The yellow angle of the hexagram points toward Boleskine.

The development of this app is sponsored by, and all proceeds from its downloads will be donated to Hidden Springs Oasis, OTO.


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