Books and Art from the Coil Collection

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John Balance, The Palace of Excess

John Balance, The Palace of Excess

The latest list from Caduceus Books (Leicestershire, UK) contains some really extraordinary items – many at very reasonable prices – from the Coil Collection.

As Ben says in his introduction to the list:

John (or Jhon) Balance (Geoff Rushton) & Peter Christopherson (aka Sleazy) were involved in the formation of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, and went on to found Coil, a band of major importance in the field of avant garde music. These cultural heroes developed what was, surely, one of the most important collections or occult art and books in the world.  These items are from that collection…



1) Books and Art from the Coil Collection
i) 1st Edition Spares
ii) Books About Spare, Reprints
iii) Coil’s Copies of the Prime Book about Coil & Associates
iv) Some Other items
v) Some Pictures from the Coil Collection

3) A Tribute

4) Other Books
i) Cultus Sabbati
ii) Other Items
5) A Note Regarding Irwin, Book of Magic


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I was forced to sell my copy of England’s Hidden Reverse during a financial crisis – it was inscribed by Jhon and Sleazy and several others on the launch day. I wonder where the Coil collection Ralph Chubb volumes are now. I loved Balance’s twinkling sense of humour. I was at the museum of witchcraft in Cornwall the other day and was pleased to see a photograph of him on the memorial wall in the entrance.
Sandy Robertson