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The always-interesting booklists from Caduceus Books have thrown out some real gems over the years. The latest is no exception, including:

Leon Engers Kennedy (Frater T.A.T.K.T.A.), The Master Therion, Mandrake Press Ltd. 1992, Large format high quality prints (24.5ins x 17.2ins) on 170 gms art paper.

The original oil painting was painted from life c.1918 and is now displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Reproduced  in the Equinox Vol.III No.1 (the Blue Equinox) 1919 where it is described thus: “The master is represented in His holy meditation. About him flames the Aura corresponding to that particular Trance as directly observed by the artist, who possesses the power of True Vision”.

Engers Kennedy entered his astral body, and then rose on the plains so as to perceive and record the astral presence of Therion. He mixed sexual fluids with the paints to better make manifest his magical vision.Approximately 20 years ago high quality reproduction prints were made of the painting after it had been professionally cleaned.

They have been stored all this time and are in at least Fine Condition £12 (plus postage).

There’s also a large number of ‘unsold books from the Collection of Robert Agasucci (aka Rob Taylor & Stafford Stone) – now offered at half price.’

Email Caduceus Books for more information and a copy of the list.


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