Intro | Documentation  | Code Snippets |  Form HTML The easiest way to add the Thelemic date to a website is to use the time server’s image output: e.g., <img src=”” alt=”” title=”Thelemic Date” /> JavaScript This should include the client-side Timezone setting in JavaScript if the weekday is required.  NoteContinue Reading

Intro | Documentation  | Code Snippets |  Form The URL is, and the current URL parameters as described here are fixed, although additional options may be provided without loss of functionality.  Accessing the URL without specifying any parameters will give a transparent PNG image of the current date as calculatedContinue Reading


Intro | Documentation  | Code Snippets |  Form A Service for Thelemic Websites By Ian Rons The Thelemic Time Server is’s answer to the difficulty of presenting Thelemic dates on websites.  The server provides the data in three different formats: as an image, as HTML or as XML; and thereContinue Reading