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1910 March 22 – Secrets of the Rosicrucians

Weekly News22 March 1910 SECRETS OF THE ROSICRUCIANS Protest against the Publication of Mysteries. Two Cats In The Bag. That ancient and mysterious body, the Rosicrucian Order, or Society of the Rosy Cross, has produced a modern institution dating from 1888, whose strange rituals and secrets were discussed in the Court of Appeal o­n Monday. The veil was lifted by… Read more »

1910 March 22 – The Standard

The Standard22 March 1910 Court Of Appeal – ROSICRUCIAN MYSTERIES. Attempt to stop their publication, Mr. Aleister Crowley, the defendant in the case of MacGregor. Crowley appealed an order of Mr. Justice Buckmill at chambers. Mr. Whately with him, Mr. A. Neilson for the defendant, said that the order appealed from granted an injunction restraining the publication in the third… Read more »

2 April 1910: An Open Letter To Aleister Crowley

JOHN BULL 2nd April 1910. To Aleister Crowley, Esq., Editor of “The Equinox” Dear Mr. Crowley, Congratulations o­n the result of your appeal. It is rather nice to have lawsuits about Rosicrucian mysteries in the prosaic twentieth century. Incidentally, there is also a fine advertisement for your periodical. Meanwhile, I wish you would teach me to become invisible, to turn… Read more »

27 March 1910: Mystic Order

The People, 27th March 1910 MYSTIC ORDER The Publication Of It’s Rituals. In the Court Of Appeal, before Lords Justices Vaughan Williams, Moulton, and Farwell came the case of “MacGregor V Crowley” which was an appeal by defendant Mr. Aleister Crowley, against an order by Mr. A. Neilson, for defendant, said that the order appealed for an injunction restraining the… Read more »