Kenneth Anger

2000 July – Kenneth Anger

Magician’s apprentice Mark Pilkington on the celluloid sorcery and psychedelic Satanism of the 1960’s baddest boy. From the light of the projector emerges a darkness that is hard to shake. Acid-drenched imagery fills...

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Jimmy Page on Lucifer Rising

Jimmy Page on Lucifer RisingWhen did you first meet Kenneth Anger?”I’m trying to think. I can tell you when I first became aware of him. I was already aware of Anger as an avant-garde filmmaker. I remember seeing two...

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There’s no reason to expect a man who chooses to go by the name of Anger to be an easy customer, especially when he has a reputation to match. And it’s not just that Kenneth Anger doesn’t suffer fools gladly;...

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A Page From The Occult

CARMICHAEL MAN DELVES INTO LED ZEPPELIN STAR’S PAST SACRAMENTO BEE, THE (CA), METRO FINAL, Sec. ENCORE, p EN6 24-05-1987 By David Barton Jimmy Page, the guitarist and producer who piloted Led Zeppelin to the status of most...

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