Kenneth Anger

Anita Pallenberg’s love life wasn’t half as crazy as her obsession with black magic | Daily Mail Online

Pregnant with her first child, and beginning a slide into an abyss of heroin use, [Anita] Pallenberg, then 26, had a preoccupation with black magic that led her to increasingly fantastical realms. ‘I had an interest in witchcraft,’ she recalled later, ‘in Buddhism, in the black magicians that my friend, Kenneth Anger, introduced me to. The world of the occult fascinated me.’

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2000 July – Kenneth Anger

Magician’s apprentice Mark Pilkington on the celluloid sorcery and psychedelic Satanism of the 1960’s baddest boy. From the light of the projector emerges a darkness that is hard to shake. Acid-drenched imagery fills...

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Jimmy Page on Lucifer Rising

Jimmy Page on Lucifer RisingWhen did you first meet Kenneth Anger?”I’m trying to think. I can tell you when I first became aware of him. I was already aware of Anger as an avant-garde filmmaker. I remember seeing two...

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There’s no reason to expect a man who chooses to go by the name of Anger to be an easy customer, especially when he has a reputation to match. And it’s not just that Kenneth Anger doesn’t suffer fools gladly;...

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A Page From The Occult

CARMICHAEL MAN DELVES INTO LED ZEPPELIN STAR’S PAST SACRAMENTO BEE, THE (CA), METRO FINAL, Sec. ENCORE, p EN6 24-05-1987 By David Barton Jimmy Page, the guitarist and producer who piloted Led Zeppelin to the status of most...

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