Liber I – The Book of the Zero Hour

Liber I – The Book of the Zero Hour By Frater Pacitius (Albin Grau)Pansophic Lodge of the Light Seeking Brethren, Orient Berlin, 1925Publication in Class C Lection I. 0000. The End draws near! The invisible flame bursts forth....

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Sybarite Among The Shadows

SYBARITE AMONG THE SHADOWSby R C McNefffrom International Times, July, 1977 Reproduced by kind permission of the author. Copyright 1977 R C McNeff – all rights reserved.Click here for a scan of the original publication...

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Thelema as Religion

An article by Bill Heidrick, originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar. Reproduced with kind permission – all rights reserved. —- From Thelema Lodge Calendar (November 1992) by Bill Heidrick… (Reproduced...

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