Liber I – The Book of the Zero Hour

Liber I – The Book of the Zero HourBy Frater Pacitius (Albin Grau)Pansophic Lodge of the Light Seeking Brethren, Orient Berlin, 1925Publication in Class CLection I.0000. The End draws near! The invisible flame bursts forth. The...

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Thelema as Religion

An article by Bill Heidrick, originally published in Thelema Lodge Calendar. Reproduced with kind permission – all rights reserved.—-From Thelema Lodge Calendar (November 1992) by Bill Heidrick… (Reproduced...

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A Crowley Chronology

1875 Born at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire on 12 October. Parents members of The Plymouth Brethren, a fanatical Christian sect.1887 His father, Edward Crowley, dies.1895 Matriculation at Trinity College, Cambridge.1896 First...

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The Tregerthen Horror – An Extract

Shortly before the war, the man whom the sensational press is still calling ‘the wickedest man in the world’ paid a visit to Mousehole. This was a gift to gossip, which flourishes like an exotic plant in the soft moist air; from...

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Discord in the Garden of Janus

Discord in the Garden of Janus Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare Keith Richmond © Keith Richmond & The Beskin Press, 1999 All rights reserved First published in Austin Osman Spare: Artist – Occultist –...

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