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Sybarite Among The Shadows

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SYBARITE AMONG THE SHADOWSby R C McNefffrom International Times, July, 1977 Reproduced by kind permission of the author. Copyright 1977 R C McNeff – all rights reserved.Click here for a scan of the original publication ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947) self-styled prophet of the New Eon, The Great Beast 666, was amongst the first to experiment scientifically with psychedelic drugs. Crowley devoted… Read more »

007 and 666: A True Tale of Spies and Sorcery

A while back, I had begun working on an article that dealt with some of the more extraordinary (and in some cases, even paranormal) aspects of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s career with British Intelligence Services during World War II. As most who have read the novels or studied James Bond’s history otherwise may know, many of Fleming’s experiences in… Read more »

Aiwass and Philemon: An Analytical Psychological Look at Two Figures of ‘Superior Insight’

This paper reviews Jung’s experience of Philemon, a figure he claimed represented “superior insight”, and the role that Philemon played in his life. The paper then introduces the Western Esotericist, Aleister Crowley’s experience with the ‘praeter-human’ entity named Aiwass. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two imaginal figures that exerted autonomous power over the individual experiencing… Read more »

The Stele of Revealing

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Hadit, the great god, lord of the sky. Ra-Hoor-Khut, chief of the gods. The deceased, prophet of Mentu, lord of Thebes, the one for whom the doors of the sky are opened in Thebes, Ankh-f-n-khonsu. Bread, water, cattle and fowl. The deceased, the prophet of Mentu, lord of Thebes, Ankh-f-n-khonsu, true-of-voice, says: “O sublime one! I adore the greatness of… Read more »

Aleister Crowley and the Cult of Pan – An Extract

Clouds Without Water Arguably Crowley’s most sustained achievement is the sonnet-sequence Clouds Without Water (1909) which appeared during his middle or ‘Equinox’ period (1908) when much of his best work was accomplished. Compared with the earlier Alice: an Adultery – an ecstatically monotonous account of a love affair – this is original Crowley rather than “Swinburne and water” and has… Read more »