Oz Fritz reviews Servants of the Star and Snake: Essays in Honour of Kenneth and Steffi Grant from the perspective of an admirer of the great Robert Anton Wilson. It makes interesting reading…
Servants of the Star and Snake is a beautifully conceived and executed book with a high aesthetic on par with it’s content and subject matter.  Praise Thoth!  Every article is worth the price of admission though the entrance may not be for everyone.Continue Reading

A review of Secret Symbols of the Hell Fire Club or the Mystic Society of Thelema Considered from an Occult Perspective (2017) by Eamonn Loughran and edited by Shaun Johnson As Thelemic Adepts, we collect three types of books: those that illuminate esoteric symbols, those that describe history, and thoseContinue Reading

This is a preliminary review of the ‘pre-publication, promotion & review’ release of Liber L vel Bogus: The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley by Richard T Cole. A more detailed analysis of the claims made in the book will follow when the final version is published. Richard T Cole’s bookContinue Reading

A Review of Liber AL, an Examination. By: Fr eaoa Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Liber AL, an Examination (Berkeley CA: Conjoined Creation, 2013) is a revised version of a Red Flame VIII (2000). Both encourage exploration of the Class A manuscript (Liber XXXI)Continue Reading

I went to a very interesting talk by Christina of Treadwells Bookshop, Store St, off Tottenham Court Road on 29th October. She is beginning to write a biography of Lady Frieda Harris who created the Crowley Harris Tarot with Aleister Crowley during WW2. I am particularly interested in this asContinue Reading

Treadwells Bookshop, Bloomsbury, London Saturday 6 October 2012 A thoroughly enjoyable day! Mick Staley opened the proceedings, putting the publication into context. He was followed by Roy Sutherwood, speaking about the core principles behind Gurdjieff’s teachings and relating them in particular to his own extensive – and fascinating – experienceContinue Reading

AMeTh Lodge Journal – Vol I No 1 March 2011 The occult world has always been very well supplied and supported in terms of its community publications, providing contacts, announcements and, occasionally, articles of real interest Usually highly ‘partial’, used by group members as a forum for criticising members ofContinue Reading

Aleister Crowley: The Biography Tobias Churton Watkins Publishing 2011 You know something? It’s odd, very odd. Aleister Crowley died six decades ago, ignored and forgotten, a figure almost studiously overlooked, almost wilfully disregarded. These days it is often said that by 1947, Crowley was a bogey man, a demonologist dustedContinue Reading

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“What kind of magic would you like to see tonight?” booms the Beast at the start of this show: “Would you like to see Horus fly through the stalls?” The opening premise of this one man show at Edinburgh’s fringe is that Crowley has degenerated into a kind of fadedContinue Reading

The premise of this book is hurled at the reader like another climate catastrophe: there exists, we are told, an existential threat to humanity which requires us to buck up spiritually or face an Atlantis-like destruction. Taking the opportunity to provide the solution himself to this rather vague threat, KennethContinue Reading

In days of yore, when men were real men, women were real women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were, well, yet to visit the luminous mind of Douglas Adams, there was a thriving tradition of so-called “occult journals” or magazines, sold by mail-order or on the shelves ofContinue Reading

“A Postcard From Hell” by R.T. Cole Printed by Orange Box Books, 2009 102 pp. (of reviewed proof) Hardback Ltd. Ed. of 156 Copies Several years ago, in 2004, a new Pirate set sail on the Thelemic Literary Sea, Black Flag/Naughty Nun. Dangerous waters, those. Along the way of publishingContinue Reading

I happened to be in Paris earlier this week and took the opportunity to visit the current exhibition Traces du Sacre or Traces of the Sacred at the Pompidou Centre. Elements of the Show have been discussed within Lashtal’s pages recently and so I will try not to duplicate those.Continue Reading

Well, we’ve been looking forward to this one for a long, long time. Bruce Dickinson’s intention to produce a movie featuring Crowley in a prominent role was first mentioned on LAShTAL.COM back in 2002 and I’m told by a prominent bookseller that he was discussing it as much as eighteenContinue Reading