Pregnant with her first child, and beginning a slide into an abyss of heroin use, [Anita] Pallenberg, then 26, had a preoccupation with black magic that led her to increasingly fantastical realms. ‘I had an interest in witchcraft,’ she recalled later, ‘in Buddhism, in the black magicians that my friend, Kenneth Anger, introduced me to. The world of the occult fascinated me.’Continue Reading

Iconic American filmmaker Kenneth Anger has inspired generations of creative storytellers since the 1950s. He is a unique visionary who drifts from pure poetry within his magical filmmaking to sardonic gossip in his bestselling Hollywood Babylon books. In-between these extremes is a person who never tires of exploring his own creativity.Continue Reading

Kenneth Anger is one of the greatest underground filmmakers, and is often categorised within the world of experimental or artists’ film. But his influence is too broad and his films – all of them shorts – too exceptional not to be known and appreciated more widely. He apparently prefers toContinue Reading

This from Ethan Foyle White’s personal blog, Albion Calling. Follow the link to a fascinating article… “Lucifer Over Luxor: Archaeology, Egyptology, and Occultism in Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle” has just appeared in the academic journal Present Pasts. The article is based on a paper which I presented at theContinue Reading

The Getty Images site remains a fascinating resource. Recent additions include what I’m given to understand is a previously unpublished photograph of Aleister Crowley (above) and some behind-the-scenes images from the London, 1971, filming of Lucifer Rising. Related Images:Continue Reading

Once in a while we see a truly exceptional catalogue from specialist bookshops – often from, or from Weiser Antiquarian or Caduceus. This catalogue, though, from Midian Books in Derbyshire UK, is simply extraordinary. And it’s presented as a PDF packed full of images and information. Subjects? Everything thatContinue Reading

Branding and product placement cast dark shadows over everyone eventually – even occultists such as Kenneth Anger who this weekend debuts a new gallery project, Lucifer Brothers Workshop, at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair in Santa Monica, California. Anger, at 88, is best known for his Magick Lantern CycleContinue Reading

  Thelema Now! Guest: Brian Butler (38 minutes) On this episode of Thelema Now, Frater Puck speaks with Brian Butler, who performed Aleister Crowley’s The Bartzabel Working in Los Angeles. Great stuff!  Learn more at Direct download:Thelema_Now_Brian_Butler.mp3 Category:general — posted at: 5:03 PM Related Images:Continue Reading

Lecture on Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley, and Egyptology at the Petrie Museum Thursday 6 November 2014 In October 2013 Ethan Doyle White attended the UCL conference on Monstrous Antiquities: Archaeology and the Uncanny in Popular Culture, and presented a paper on the subject of Archaeology and Occultism in the WorkContinue Reading

Judith Noble (Arts University College, Bournemouth) Kenneth Anger is a legend of avant-garde film and a key figure in the counterculture and the late 1960s occult revival. Tonight, a leading expert on esotericism and film considers the way in which Anger created and deployed a unique cinematic occult system inContinue Reading

Short of spending time with the great man himself, a new show at Sprüth Magers offers a chance to get to know one of the most fascinating of all Hollywood characters. Best known for controversial short films, paganism, gay cinema and scurrilous books of gossip, Kenneth Anger’s reputation precedes him.Continue Reading

Variety has reviewed the rather wonderful Anger Me documentary… Anger also summons the spirit of his occult mentor, the Gnostic magician Aleister Crowley, whose beliefs and practices inspire some of the more decadent rituals in the filmmaker’s oeuvre, ending the docu on a suitably satanic note. Read on for moreContinue Reading

A review in The Independent of Stoned, the Brian Jones biopic, mentions: “The film shoots off all over the place, with Woolley indulging his taste for lavish period montages – Melody Maker covers, 16mm solarised freak-out footage, Kenneth Anger pastiches full of whips, tits and Aleister Crowley posters.”Continue Reading

Kenneth Anger has apparently completed filming-work on “Gnostic Mass” – or “Nasty Mass” as some of the less well-informed mainstream media outlets mispronounced it!Continue Reading