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Sekhet-Maat Lodge – Appeal For Donations

Sekhet-Maat Lodge of the OTO will require no introduction to many visitors to LAShTAL.COM. Compilers of the always-interesting Lion And Serpent journal, Sekhet-Maat Lodge has made a call for donations. I am happy to forward this appeal for the attention of visitors here… Just under two years ago, the Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library received the Yorke Collection and OTO Archive of… Read more »

Australian OTO Lawsuit

   May 31, 2005    No Comments on Australian OTO Lawsuit

A news report from Australia’s Herald Sun: Ordo Templi Orientis has started a suit against psychologist Reina Michaelson over internet claims it is a pedophile cult. Documents submitted to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal claim Dr Michaelson wrote an internet article linking the society to pedophilia, satanic rituals, and animal and child sacrifices. Ordo Templi Orientis national officer David… Read more »

Bill Heidrick: Retirement and Publishing Plans

Some fascinating information was posted earlier this month to alt.magick by Bill Heidrick of the OTO: I have officially retired as Treasurer General of OTO, effective 1st May 2005 e.v. I’ve served for around 1/4 century, and that’s far more than enough! I’ll be 62 later this year, and I look forward to more writing, including substantial expansion of my… Read more »

“We read thick books…”

Las Vegas City Life (5 May 2005) includes a disappointing and patronising article about the Ordo Templi Orientis. Some of the quotes attributed to the adherents are especially uninspiring: Bewitched Turned off by traditional religion, many spiritual seekers turn to paganism for their god fix BY LYNNETTE CURTIS “We have minds of our own,” says Chris, a practicing pagan. “We… Read more »

“Ix and The Angels” Sampler

Visitors to LAShTAL.COM will know how impressed I was by Mark Durant’s novel The 30 Trials Of Ix And The Angels, asking readers of a recent review to “imagine, if you will, Crowley’s The Wake World and The Vision And The Voice re-written by Clive Barker, using Robert Anton Wilson as technical adviser”. It’s been brought to my attention that… Read more »