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Hypnopazūzu – Create Christ, Sailor Boy

The first minute of Hypnopazūzu – the duo of producer Youth and Current 93’s David Tibet – suggests merely Tibet’s diverse, yet mid-paced psychedelia hardwired with electronics. It’s a deeply deceptive impression; Create Christ, Sailor Boy is a highlight in both artists’ long discographies. Opener ‘Your Eyes In The Skittle Hills’ sets the template for what is to come. As… Read more »

Psychic TV’s Debut Album Force the Hand of Chance Gets Performed in Its Entirety at Berserktown | L.A. Weekly

Long out of print, Force the Hand of Chance (which is finally being reissued on expensive vinyl) starts with the beautiful lullaby “Just Drifting,” patterned on a gorgeous melody much closer to The Kinks’ “Village Green” than to Throbbing Gristle’s “Hamburger Lady.” A lush acoustic guitar opened the show, and the large crowd collectively swooned when Genesis started crooning the… Read more »

Throbbing Gristle’s Cosey Fanni Tutti to publish autobiography, Art Sex Music

The industrial provocateur will tell her life story for Faber this year. Cosey Fanni Tutti, a founding member of experimental electronic groups Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey, has announced her autobiography, Art Sex Music. As the title suggests, the book explores Cosey’s four-decade musical career from TG to her recent (and excellent) releases as Carter Tutti Void, with husband/bandmate… Read more »

Be Yourself by Israel Regardie | New Falcon Publications

Be Yourself: A Guide to Relaxation and Health $18.95 Dr Israel Regardie Foreword by Bhagavan Jivananda Introduction by James Wasserman When the Rosicrucians of old announced themselves to the world in 1614, they described their primary mission as healing. Dr Israel Regardie 1907-1985 remained true to that purpose. He wrote several books on healing, thereby distinguishing himself from most other… Read more »

The Fenris Wolf 8 – Trapart

THE FENRIS WOLF, ISSUE No 8 Carl Abrahamsson: Editor’s Introduction, Vanessa Sinclair: Polymorphous Perversity and Pandrogeny, Charles Stansfield Jones (Frater Achad): Alchymia, Tim O’Neill: Black Lodge/White Lodge, Nina Antonia: Bosie & The Beast, Aki Cederberg: Festivals of Spring, Michael Moynihan: Friedrich Hielscher’s Vision of the Real Powers, Friedrich Hielscher: The Real Powers, Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule: Ear Horn: Shamanic Perspectives and Multi-Sensory Inversion, Zbigniew Lagosz: The Figure of the Polish… Read more »

Could it be magick? The occult returns to the art world | The Guardian

“We’ve investigated lots of avenues and that includes occulture of various types,” says Breyer P-Orridge, who uses the word “we” exclusively in reference to a sort of individual and collective self. Early learning from occult figures like Aleister Crowley and mysterious magical sects like the Ordo Templi Orientis led to a lifelong devotion to ritualistic practice that has expanded and… Read more »