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Thelemic Forum

   October 4, 2003    No Comments on Thelemic Forum

Ok, the Discussions Forum is back… This is your chance to contribute to the Thelemic Culture community – to make your statement, encourage debate. What the heck, why not just wind the rest of us up with your insane ramblings!

News Archive

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News Archives up to July 2003 have been placed on this site as part of the rebuild. Click on the Articles Menu option and then select Archive. The document requires some work on stripping out HTML codes but I wanted to return the material to the public domain…

Decasia: Anger, Crowley & Decaying Film…

An article in UK broadsheet The Guardian on Friday 26 September 2003 reviewed “Decasia”, described by Kenneth Anger as “Compelling and disturbing!” “Bill Morrison’s U.S. experimental feature “Decasia” finds poetry in the abstract psychedelia created by deteriorating archival film stock. Lacking any obvious thematic or emotional arc, compilation pic succeeds as a pure exercise in visual stimulus, its narcotic effect… Read more » Attacked – Update’s database was subject of a malicious hack on 30 September, causing the loss of all information. Much has been re-built, but much still remains to be done. Users will need to re-register and put up with the loss of some functionality in the short term. Other functions, such as the largest and most technically advanced Thelemic Gallery on the… Read more »