Collectable AC2012 Coins For Sale

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12970855_10153463958221373_4465353538395418727_oThese coins were made to commemorate the 2012 campaign to elect Aleister Crowley as President of the U.S. The campaign was a 3-year long project of mine [i.e. @thiebes] which incorporated writing, photography, graphic design, video, and contributions from fans. The campaign brought Crowley’s political views into the limelight, and received mainstream media attention in print and television worldwide… The coins have been sold out a long time, and one coin found its way into the Crowley display at the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall.

@thiebes has a few sets of 10 coins in his personal collection that he is willing to sell. These all have the design shown in the photo on one side, and the AC2012 logo on the other. Each set of 10 comes in an assortment of metals, and they are offered for just for $25, shipping included in the U.S. (For international shipments, contact @thiebes). See the link for complete details on the metals and such.

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