Collected Works of Frater Achad [Teaser]

According to Zero Equals Two website, this autumn will see the publication of The Collected Works of Frater Achad, edited by Henrik Bogdan…

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William Thirteen

I dreamt of this last night. Looking forward to seeing the Table of Contents….


I now have what doctors refer to as an os aquaticum, a watering mouth. Can’t wait. Thanks for the great news!



The fonts, as sigils, makes it look like the C is eating the H…oh my!
As the C is part of AC….then AC (where have I heard that combo before?) interfering with the H of AD….might speak of father son relationships…maybe spoken of in introductory essays….

Michael Staley

Imagination run riot, I see!


I wonder if any of his writings about the Universal Brotherhood. It was a very secret society.

Michael Staley

One of the volumes in the series will include unpublished essays etc., and thus may include some material he wrote for the U.B.

Michael Staley

The series of volumes – collected, edited and annotated by Henrik Bogdan – will be issued by Starfire Publishing. The first volume comprises QBL or the Bride’s Reception, The Egyptian Revival, and The Anatomy of the Body of God, and is set for publication this coming Autumn. Further information as to the contents is available on the Starfire Publishing website, and more information will be added as the work nears completion.