Coming Tomorrow: LAShTAL List Number 1

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LAShTAL.COM has always welcomed the opportunity to promote the sale by Members of products, books and ephemera relating to Aleister Crowley and his legacy, either as News announcements, Forum posts or Classified Ads. This facility has been provided free of charge – LAShTAL.COM has never accepted paid advertising and never will.

Now is the time for me to take advantage of the opportunity provided to others for more than 20 years…

Coming to the LAShTAL site tomorrow, Sunday 5 January 2014 ev: the first LAShTAL List! Dozens of books & other items for sale from the archive of the owner & editor, with a proportion of any profit from every item sold going towards the hosting and development costs.

Prices are competitive and the list includes many scarce and some unique items.  

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