David Chaim Smith at Catland

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At a yet to be disclosed time in the coming week, Catland Books in Brooklyn NY will be hosting a formal kabbalistic drush given by artist, author, and renowned kabbalist David Chaim Smith.   

Below is Smith’s description of this rare event:

In 2007 I stopped teaching and giving talks. However for various reasons I will be doing a formal kabbalistic drush (esoteric improvised discourse) at Catland in Bushwick Brooklyn in the upcoming week or so. It will be advanced, and we will not have time to cover introductory aspects. If interested contact Catland (not me) and put your info on the list. There will be a selection process to ensure a very small group consisting of people with sufficient background.

The subject will be Sefer Yetzirah 1:7 and the associated 13th century commentary by R. Isaac the Blind, along with a corresponding passage in Fountain of Wisdom. The talk will use Sefer Yetzirah for the outer points, Isaac the Blind’s commentary for the inner points, and Fountain of Wisdom for what secret points (sod) can be drawn out.

It should be interesting to see what happens, and might be a one time only affair. If interested, read Sefer Yetzirah 1:7 and consider it as deeply as possible for a few days.


Those interested in being considered for admission please write to info@catlandbooks.com 

Smith’s most recent title “The Blazing Dew of Stars” (Fulgur Esoterica) is available at Catland.


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