Download: 1907 Galley Proofs of Collected Works (Liber L)

LAShTAL.COM is enormously proud to present a free download of a highly significant piece by Aleister Crowley, often spoken of but rarely seen. The document is reproduced here with full permission of the copyright holder.

The PDF file comprises the September 1907 galley proofs of an intended Appendix to the Collected Works, prepared but subsequently discarded by Aleister Crowley. The Appendix was going to reproduce Liber L (The Book Of The Law) together with supporting material. It is a curious document that raises as many questions as it answers!

Members may download it freely but in doing so will be assumed to acknowledge the restriction on further reproduction. The reason for the limitation to members only is based on the size of the file (18MB) and the need to minimse bandwidth implications for the site.

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Simply click on Resources in the top menu, then on Downloads, then on LAShTAL.COM Members Only.

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