Essays 2 of McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’.

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I am pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Essays 2 of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’.

This second volume in an ongoing series contains twenty-three essays by A.’.A.’. Adepts on magickal topics. Taken as a whole, the essays shed special light upon the theory and practice of the BABALON formula, culminating in J Edward Cornelius’ new magickal biography of Frater Achad (seventy-nine pages in length) based mainly on unpublished letters and unpublished sections of Achad’s A Master of the Temple. This is the first serious biography of Charles Stansfeld Jones.

330 pages. 6” x 9” black leather hardback; no dust jacket.

Each copy is $65 USD; postage and handling is $11 for orders shipped within the United States and $31 for foreign orders. We accept Paypal orders using the address

For details on the essays and ordering information, please see

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