CLASSIFIED AD: Original Crowley Handwritten Letter

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For sale by longstanding member of LAShTAL.COM: Original handwritten letter by Aleister Crowley.

The document is a letter to Lady Frieda Harris in the context of the publication of the Tarot of Thoth. Torquay 1941, although probably Bell Inn, Buckinghamshire.

140 words. 8×5-inch sheet of beige paper. With strikeout in Torquay Hotel. It is sheet 5 and 6 of the letter. Mentions among other things the German situation at the time of the bombing of England and its serious economic situation.

From the collection of Edward Fitzgerald, Frater Agape (1908-1958) IX degree OTO, also a friend of Frieda Harris, who took correspondence through it. It includes document authenticity. It has many tea stains, probably from the same Crowley. Framed, you can see the document on both sides and has photographs of Crowley on the time of the original manuscript. Signed with the phallic A and the slogan “Love is the law, love under will.”

894 dollars.

If interested, please contact Javier at:

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