Fortean Times: Aleister Crowley and Aldous Huxley

“Huxley’s alleged psychedelic encounter with the Beast [in Berlin] has taken on the dimensions of an urban legend, and a quick perusal online will find it cited as fact on several websites, including those hosting the burgeoning number of academic books and papers devoted to Crowley. So, what did happen? Two recent, meticulously researched works by Tobias Churton and Patrick Everitt help provide an answer. Both offer tantalising evidence that if conscious expansion did not actually take place in practice, it was almost definitely explored in theory.”

This is taken from an excellent article by Richard C McNeff in the current issue (FT409) of the always entertaining Fortean Times.

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William Thirteen

Just to reiterate my standing offer to any LAShTAL member visiting Berlin. Feel free to get in contact and we can arrange a walking tour of Crowley’s haunts in the city.