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The Osirion  


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27/06/2017 10:46 pm  

Learnt about this megalithic structure for the first time today:

This link is to the original article by Petrie:

This blurb is from wiki:
'The Osirion or Osireon is an ancient Egyptian temple. It is located at Abydos, to the rear of the temple of Seti I.

It is an integral part of Seti I's funeral complex and is built to resemble an 18th Dynasty Valley of the Kings tomb.[1] It was discovered by archaeologists Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray who were excavating the site in 1902–3. The Osirion was originally built at a considerably lower level than the foundations of the temple of Seti, who ruled from 1294–1279 BC.[2] While there is disagreement as to its true age, Peter Brand says it "can be dated confidently to Seti's reign",[3] despite the fact that it is situated at a lower depth than the structures nearby, that it features a very different architectural approach, and that it is frequently flooded with water which would have made carving it impossible had the water level been the same at the time of construction

My thoughts are like the majority of large megalthic sites in Egypt, such as the obelisks and temples at Luxor and Heliopolis, that these were perhaps built by the mysterious forebears of the Egpytians, who then appropriated the stones and carved hieroglyphs on top. Most 'Ancient Egyptian' (Dynastic) structures are not megalithic in character, and are of not just smaller scale, but less sophistication.


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28/06/2017 4:21 pm  

Megalithic ("pertaining to big stones") structures are found throughout the world. They are remnants of a previous civilization that apparently had technology that we don't have today (Atlantis?). The "big stones" are so big, and so precisely fitted, that we stand in awe of how they were cut and set in place. ‘The Osirion may, or may not, qualify as "megalithic," depending on how "big" the stones are, which is something I dunno.

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I think some of the blocks in the arches for example definitely count as megalithic. The largest stones are over 100 tonnes if I recall properly.

Speaking of previous advanced civilisations and/or proto-Egyptians: 'Abydos was the chief seat of worship of Osiris, Lord of the Underworld. Osiris, his sister Isis, and their son Horus were fundamental figures in the religion of ancient Egypt – they were neterw, a race of devine beings that ruled Egypt from way before the 1st Dynasty, from a period known as Zep Tepi, the “First Time”. '

What stands out to me is that Osiris and Isis are probably (?) 'divine' ie. technologically advanced rulers of this previous people?


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An interesting thread, @christibrany

The Osirion - - is one of the most atmospheric sites I've visited in Egypt. Been there many times. Self-evidently pre-dates the 'associated' temple...

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