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Crowleys's Death-day Chart

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Crowley's birthday is coming… I'll raise a glass Tecate in honor of one of the most fascinating and inspiring characters I've come across. That first reading of the Confessions may have changed my life.  I can't say it was for the better, but I can't wish it were otherwise.

Thinking about his birthday, I have to think about his day of death:  December 1st.  This is an off-the-wall question, but has anyone ever done a death day horoscope?  I should think the time and place of death would be as interesting as the time and place of birth as a revelation of character or post-life, next life, reincarnation... We do exist is a relativistic universe of space-time.

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hmm interesting idea. maybe i will plug it into a horror scope machine on the interwebs. but i wonder since those are geared towards the living if the judgements will be off? Who can say?