Had to be done and ...
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Had to be done and its 9.11 pm

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Hi again

greetings hugs love and kisses

Pegasus here of the Boomerangs and messages sticks

I would like everyone to take a look at the system I have attached I hope that it is worthy and worthwhile and can help everyone find the truth of astrology that is

i have one major question ok so I still have many πŸ™‚ but that rocks

was this known before, I mean the mayet system of attributes. AKA the 33 degrees of the universe
I figure this is the lost temple numbers because it just is

The rainbow horsey serpent just is what it is... a parable or fable and it had to be said

9.21pm 27 07 2018 this is for all that were lost to the lie

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so the link doesnt come up *sigh not going to give up I would some feedback or constructive critisism

not you shiva I can hear that roar of kiss ... blame the universe and al not me Im copping out on that one *grins and dances on happy feet

toogoom net au / bookofmaatp1p2 dot pdf

I guess I am afraid it will be ignored not me I think it best to be a bit ignored on this one... hmm I am what I am .. must be the substance of the time .. its killed ego.. I want the work to shine and be helpful.. Id rather be in the shadows and go fishing and help those who find me... my knowledge is helpful to women suffering and I find I can read so much more between lines..

I will never be perfect but meh happy mars day I so hope a star appears tonight Im going to call it Catherine after my sister

ps deimos looks like a liver with hep c .. hmm marsariesman piscesman and lyonking all have it...