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Commentary: The Audacity of dHope-s, or Tsk, Tsk... Karlir!

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Here... We... ArE?!.- Nobody really cares about a fellow human anymore- do they? Except perhaps in a 'let's have a communarian'?, spread the LovE, global, secularist, "he's a relevant member of SOpSietEa" (Kia-N-D ov) whey.? (...and in the U.K.) Any actual spiritual questing or ideas beyond mere faux-atheist, high-five literary snobbery, mob drools MeTauFizz-Ex is not really a good iDEa. Uhn-uhn. So: eyE will speak when, Aye; Will speaks.


(My response to post, "The "self" and the Dweller on the threshold". Oh, before I forget- Keep preaching to the choir!)

"I just found it hard to resist saying something concerning the fellow you admonished. I am going to stick up for this guy I don't know, because I think he probably has a working mind and because I think you 'experts' are pretty well institutionalized.

The expert on Spare may indeed have done everything to promote him, be knowledgeable about him, and be an expert, but it's just from this ego-centric position that you elevate yourself into an elitist position to excise a 'non' authority for speaking his mind and daring to question whether elements from a system can be used- which should be about spiritualistic endeavor- but, no the legality of the 'corporate system' and materialistic status-quo must be considered preeminently.

You would just squash a person from your lofty or- cellared? positions. Let the person be an individual. So many of you esotericists are just conformists of the worst kind- as bad as orthodox religion lumoxes. I am no 'authority'- I am an artist, have a mind and intuition, and I say that even if Karlir_Johanarnt was somewhat presumptuous- he has relevance and should be allowed to speak his mind without such pompous superiority from Club Occulta/Esoterica- whatever.

Honestly, I think there are very few who would/will actually 'get' an individual like Spare- I emphasize INDIVIDUAL. For any of the exoteric understanding of Spare, or even supposed esoteric points-of-view, for many to actually say they comprehend this stuff, even the assailed poster, to the point of shutting another up even, is pretty audacious.

I somehow think Austin Spare would really hesitate to be a part of your occult-hipster, conforming 'personality' clubs!

To end- this is not discounting putting out wonderful works in print at all- it actually diminishes that effort though by such unveiled elitism."

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"FRLSOLIS" wrote:
Nobody really cares about a fellow human anymore- do they?

Well, I can say that no one is really eager to be friendly to gibbering idiots on messageboards who post thread after thread after poll after poll consistently demonstrating an unwillingness to understand the subject matter in question, outside of posting puerile extracts from wikipedia as if they carry some kind of weight.

No, no one cares about them.

Thelemites, in particular, are free from the burden of caring for such people: "For these fools of men and their woes care not thou at all!" (AL I:31)

Your post is an adequate illustration of the kinds of mischief that occur when people stop caring about their own wills and start taking up causes completely outside of their spheres of concern. This random weirdo you're defending -- and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming that you're not him -- has nothing to do with you. It doesn't matter to you in the slightest what he does, how he's treated, or what happens to him.

So, yes, stop caring about him. Stop asking variations of "Won't someone please think of the children?"

I suggest that no one else post in this thread and that it be promptly locked and forgotten.

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"Los" wrote:
I suggest that no one else post in this thread and that it be promptly locked and forgotten.

Well said.


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