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Hello all my names Justin

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Hello all my names justin, my first cousin William Edward Crowley the third is in prison for life. the reason i write u is cause i might be related to aleister, ive been doing my research and everything adds up. You put a picture up to my cousins face and he looks just like him. now i dont know edward alexander crowleys fathers name, you knoww aleisters father, but i'm sure it all ads up. its weird i have alot in common with him. I have a hell of a drug problem and i love sex, my name is justin knutson but i have crowley blood in me, does anyone think that weird, plus i didnt even hear of this dude from the tv or internet, my uncle daryl told me, he said you look at aleister and u see the devil, well u look at my cousin and u see the devil. they look 95% alike. could it be a couwinsadince.