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List of illustrations

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"If I ever rejoiced in rejoiced in calumnies ..." (AOS, The Focus of Life).

List of illustrations

Now for reality, frontispiece
Aaos recovers from the Death posture
Nature is more atrocious
O Zos, thou art fallen into ... the incarnating ideas of women
The soul is the ancestral animals
Which are but living their ... peculiarities by a mechanism
All things are possible even in nightmares
Abandon this haunted mortuary in a blind turning
Laughing aloud, Aaos answered
... Something that has ressurected from an archtype
Once again to earth
Aaos was watching the waters

Interesting coincedences: The first letters read from bottom upwards reads; T A O S L A A W T O N A N

With a bit editing one can read Tao (Doctrine, way or path in chinese) or t AOS LAW t Nano (onan backwards).  Nanos is Dwarf in latin, which again is related to the element earth 🙂 And if you reverse the sequence of words you get: Nano law Aos tao.

Another edition of The Focus of Life published by I-H-O BOOKS published in the late 90's is decorated by initial letters. Are they present in the first edition as well? The ornamented T letter has one Z and one S beside it. Note: fulgurs redux edition is on it's way :=)