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Magical Steles: clues to the rearrangement of the sacred letters

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Below I've collected 3 steles of great importance. "By the power of sigils" is especially importance since I've only seen it on the internet once at the pinterest site. It seems to me that Spare spread clues to the manuscript in Zos speaks! also in the Steles.

First let's take a look at the Magical stele. Down in the left corner there's a sun with the number 26 above it (26 weeks)
In the sun I'll read Second star (my interpretation)

By the power of sigils: At the bottom of the picture one can see two elementals: a dog (sirius?) and a bird (our sun?). There also a rectangle (or 3 if you want) with two eyes in it. There's also some glyphic inscription which reads something like this: "Totem races to 320". In the right corner is Spares initials with PXT (16x20=320) written below it. My hypothesis is that 320 is a number 2/3 of the puzzle. The remaining letters are probably meant to complete a third, inner cycle.

These are, in my opinion, clues to how the sacred letters in the last book is meant to be rearranged.

The Mayastele: Contains the Eye of the inner cycle. Together there are 3 eyes

The Magical Stele:

The Maja stele (a title I've given it):

By the power of sigils: