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The Hermetic philosophy of Austin Osman Spare

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A couple of days ago I found a book entitled: The Kybalion, by Three Initiates, [1912]. It's content was very familiar to the content one finds in The Book of pleasure and Zos Speaks (and other books written by Austin Osman Spare). Here one finds the equivalent of Neither-Neither, and of polarization which also is a topic in Zos speaks! (where he uses the alphabet), The same goes for the law of Kia and the law of duality and THE ALL and the physical universe in Kybalion. Transmutation in Kybalion vs Substitution in Zos Speaks/BOP.
I would also point out that this book sheds light upon the relationship between the Kia (THE ALL; absolute) and Zos (imagination; mentalism) if it is equivalent to the relationship between the THE ALL and it's mental projection (imagination).

This book is a must for all Austin Osman Spare entusiasts, a real treasure. You'll find it available for free on