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The sacred letters

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In Liber Null authored by Peter Carroll, there are several definitions on some of the sacred letters found in the Book of pleasure. Does somebody know where these definitions come from?
I know K.Grant wrote about the sacred letters in Zos speaks! Unfortunately I don't own that book. Theres one picture circulating on the internet. A blackboard with Austin Osman Spare foreground with sacred letters and definitions. Is this picture complete with regard of letters defined in the book?.

It is a rare and expensive book. It would actually be nice if someone could scan or draw the letters with definitions and uploade the picture to Lashtal.

I would be soooo grateful!

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How about no?

Buy the book if you want the information in the picture.

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Zos Speaks! is one of it not the most beautifully bound and designed book in my entire library. The choice of cloth, the beautiful soft cloth with the shiny silver wording, the purple sewing, the whole book is gorgeous. And the inside just gets better. So I highly recommend purchasing it if you are as huge of a fan of AOS as you portray yourself to be 😀

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I've yet to get this one myself (shame on me) but I will after I get "Cockney Visionary"! I'm really looking forward to reading that article by Mr. Staley!

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