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AC visit to the World's Playground, Atlantic City, NJ

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Is the location where Crowley stayed during his visit to Atlantic City known? I believe he wrote the second commentary to The Book of the Law while he was there. Is this correct?

I'm curious because my inlaws owned a boarding home in AC that hosted a number of visiting entertainers and vaudeville acts performing in AC clubs and theaters in the early to mid-1900s.


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I don't see any reference to NJ, or Atlantic City, in Churton's pretty exhaustive AC in America.

In The Hag, AC says that

The one critical omission [from among the material for a new issue of The Equinox] was the comment on The Book of the Law, which I had constantly shirked re-writing. I pulled myself together and went down to Atlantic City for the purpose of getting this done. My idea was to write it inspirationally; which is correct. The only drawback was that the inspiration was forced and feeble. I know now that the writing of this Comment must be a definite miracle, parallel with that of the production of the Book itself. [p. 841]

This sounds like the planned writing in NJ failed. Surprised Churton does not seem to mention this attempt.