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BBC Radio 4: Ada Leverson

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Just finished on BBC Radio 4, the first of a series of short plays by Ada Leverson (aka 'The Sphinx'), the only mistress of Crowley to appear as an acrostic in one of the Holy Books.

The Little Ottleys

Ada Leverson's witty portrait of love and jealousy set in high society Edwardian London. It's 1908 and Bruce and Edith, The Little Ottleys, as they were called, live in a very new, very small, very white flat in Knightsbridge. With Haydn Gwynne, Bertie Carvel, Juliet Aubrey, Alex Tregear.

Time: 19:45 to 20:00 (15 minutes long).
When: Monday 4th April on BBC Radio 4

Part 2 will be broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday 5th April 2011) at 10:45 to 11:00, repeated at 19:45.

It will be available, no doubt, on the iPlayer in due course.

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