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Crowley never owned a car?  


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07/11/2019 11:51 am  

I cannot recall AC ever discussing driving around. I think it's accurate to say he never passed his test or drove or owned a car. I think having to use public transport is more conducive to accessing meditative states. You just get to see things as they are moreso as oppose to fast track hustle and bustle so he probably preferred public transport even though he never owned a house with driveway as such at a time when automobile sales were increasing.

I only started driving in my early 20s and my parents never drove so I had a lot of public transport experience as a child, teen and adolescent. When I put my car in for a service nowadays and have to get on a bus it's a pretty strange trip (no pun intended).

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07/11/2019 12:15 pm  

I think you are mistaken. i believe he owned and drove several cars. When i am more awake i will look this up unless someone else has done so in the mean time. Here we go (you (as "williams") posted on the first page, but the post has been deleted):

I have never had a driver's license, due to environmentalist views, and living in NYC for most of my life.

As to "Zen and the art of bus and train riding": i think "meditative states" are probably quite attainable while driving cars, if my experience riding a bicycle in heavy traffic is any guide. Shutting off the talking part of the brain is a key survival skill for urban cycling and i don't see why the same might not apply to car operation.

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07/11/2019 1:52 pm  

From his 1937 diary:
Sunday, August 1
Pat & Boy to lunch. Car to King’s Head. Harrow-on-the-Hill. Lovely hotel & gardens–excellent food!!! Slept & played in garden. Royal Oak. Simon Iff. Curry with Fitzgerald. He & wife came back with me: I gave them pictures.
Monday, August 2
Car at 11.30 not 9. Pat at 11.30. Car broke down outside Alton. Got a good garage to drive us to Blunt’s. Blunt as pig with load of mud but thawed later. Found the Castle of Comfort at Medstead. Nearly had head-on crash: “carriage full of ghosts.” “Going forward, he shall meet with (genial) rain, & there will be good fortune”. Opus Pat–Let it as it will. Crossed “Hog’s Back.”
Tuesday, August 3
Car back, but late. Paid all by cheque. Very dull. Roundabout way to London. Indifference to Pat. Back via Alton, Farnham, Hindhead, Hazelmere, Petworth (Dinner at Swan) Dorking & Kingston by-pass.
It surely sounds like he drove himself. And the paying might even indicate that it was his own car.

….so he owned one for a short while only it looks like.

Changing travelling habits can be meditative and strange. Most car owners just won't walk anywhere especially in some parts of America. They will go a mere 400 yards to buy something via car.

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07/11/2019 3:33 pm  

He drove as far back as the Italy and pre-Italy days too.

If I recall, he was driving-divinating in Italy to look for the house to do an important working in (writing ABA), in the 1910s or 1920s, and drove past the very house he had been envisioning.

Something to that effect.

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d: I think it’s accurate to say ...

It is never "accurate to say" anything around here that is not based on solid, irrefutable evidence (like references). You have "accurately said" something based on the lack of data. I'm sure your logic mentor will have some advice. I don't (have any advice.

d: a short while only

A "short while" is not compatible with the OT's "never."

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On page 194 of 'PERDURABO' detailing AC's divorce from Rose, Dr Kaczynski says: "If that weren't scandalous enough, the chauffeur, Charles Randle, testified that Crowley had fathered a child by a friend of his." That doesn't prove Aleister drove (I bet he did) but you certainly don't need a chauffeur unless you have a car. Lennon/McCartney's 'Drive My Car' notwithstanding.