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Curtis Harrington on Marjorie Cameron  


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10/11/2007 11:50 pm  

I ran across an interview with Curtis Harrington on Horror-wood and thought that this snippet might be of interest to some of you...

H-W: After years as a top experimental filmmaker and assistant to producer Jerry Wald, you directed your first feature in 1960--Night Tide, a dreamlike mystery story set in a seaside amusement park. Where did you find Marjorie Cameron, the scary-looking actress who played the Water Witch?

CH: She was billed simply as "Cameron," the name she went by. Marjorie Cameron was very involved in the world of the occult at a serious level.

She was a disciple of Alastair Crowley (a notorious necromancer--HC). At the same time, she had a huge talent as a painter. That was how I related to her primarily. I made a short film about her paintings called The Wormwood Star. It deals to a certain extent with her occultism by inference, but I wanted to commemorate her work as an artist.

When a gal gets her tentacles into you...

I was happy with her performance in Night Tide. She was not an actress, but she was quite adequate for that part. The language she speaks at the beginning to the girl in the nightclub scene is Greek, which she learned phonetically. So the pronunciation to a Greek may be very peculiar.

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21/02/2011 1:35 pm  

Has Wormwood Star surfaced yet? Is it an extra on a Night Tide, perhaps? I would love to see this film...


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21/02/2011 4:26 pm  

I just have a burned DVD of "Night Tide" that was given to me. There are no extra's on mine....or any menus at all. The movie starts when you put it in and thats it. Maybe on the original?

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21/02/2011 4:59 pm  

The version of "Night Tide" that I have is a cheapie commercial DVD with no extras. Not even subtitles.