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Ghosts (vol 8 / no 63)  


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18/03/2014 12:27 pm  

A completely inaccurate biography of The Great Beast, courtesy of DC Comics in 1978:

William Thirteen
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18/03/2014 1:01 pm  

Nice!  Too Bad Allan Had To Die!

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18/03/2014 1:55 pm  

I really enjoyed reading that! Throwing in the priest at the end made it like one of those Chick Tract cartoons.

jamie barter
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20/03/2014 4:56 pm  


"Andrew " wrote:
I really enjoyed reading that! Throwing in the priest at the end made it like one of those Chick Tract cartoons.

Yes, it was a little bit like those! I also liked the slightly Lovecraftian touch to the shuddersome horror of the ‘ultimate blasphemy’-type ritual from ‘The Book of Spells’ that “Allan Bennett” rashly performed & which then sent him around the twist and onwards to his doooom! 

And the night-time flit from Boleskine with a coach-and-horses just before enraged Highland nerighbours could grab hold of A.C. and lynch him – that was funny too. 

In the final deathbed scene, I thought Aleister was going to tell the rather solicitous clergyman where to go, or maybe fire off an “Apo pantos…” at him, or at least trot out the familiar quip from Voltaire about now "not being the time to make new enemies" - although as is well known A.C. was not a ‘Satanist’ in any Christian sense of the word, nor was he ‘evil’ incarnate!  As it turned out, though, the vicar seemed to have been received by the terrible Beast comparatively well!

Although having said these points in its favour, the strip comes across as being the biggest load of codswallop one could imagine, perpetuating the same old line of bullshit that A.C.'s real legacy seems to be up against all the time, with just that barest bit of truthful reality in it to make it quite amusing in parts. 

And even if it happens/-ed to be perceived by the majority of its readers as rather ludicrous but harmless, I would still imagine there would be at least one of them who might take it as ‘gospel’, and that same person could well go on to sound off in a pub conversation or similar, with their foolish words then going on to affect and in the end influence by chain reaction more than one “others” who may in turn know nothing about the reality of the situation and who might otherwise be quite neutral, etc etc yadda yadda down the line.

Harmless ludicrous nonsense v. negative pernicious propaganda - which side of the balance would other Lashtalians come down on?

Weighing up the pros & cons
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