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Oranges and Grapefruits: Titusville, Florida

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For the past few hours I've been wracking my brain and books trying to pin down a missing account of AC's time in Titusville with his cousin Lawrence Bishop. I'll go over what I have, then what I don't.

Confessions, Chapter Eighty-four: AC recounts in a single paragraph his stay with Lawrence and his family. The gist is that they were boring,  fundamentalist Christians. He is implied to have walked in on his nephew masturbating, and suffered his teenage nieces' complaining about their mother. He also, in opening the chapter, relates that Lawrence believed God sank the Titanic to rebuke its prideful builders (that'll show 'em).

Magical Diary entry for the March 6th, 1917: AC records a simple magical operation, the point of which being to save his cousin's orange and grapefruit plantation from a frost. He was successful.

Simon Iff in America, Suffer the Little Children: A disparaging limerick about Titusville.

My researches are stifled after this point. However, I recall reading another first-hand account of AC's stay in Titusville, of much greater detail than that in Confessions, wherein he reviews Alma Bishop's soul-food and records a more poignant exchange with one of Lawrence's daughters. I get the feeling I'm overlooking something obvious, but still, if anyone can aid me I'd appreciate it.

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Could it have been somewhere in Tobias Churton's mammoth biography about A.C. in America?  I don't have access to it at the moment, but it seems very thorough & encyclopaedic in detail and I would have thought if one was to find a first-hand account of his stay with the Bishops anywhere it would have been there...?

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See pp. 465-469 of Churton's AC in America book.

The sources cited for those pages are the Hag, the Simon Iff story you mention, and a magickal diary from the period. If this fuller account you mention exists, Churton doesn't cite it, and he is a pretty thorough researcher.