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Recipes of the Beast  


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13/02/2007 3:15 pm  

Not content with being a magician, mountaineer, painter and poet, Crowley was also no mean chef, who throughout his life enjoyed inventing, cooking and serving a wide variety of meals. He was arguably a pioneer of what is now known as 'fusion cuisine', and was so enthusiastic about his culinary abilities that he tried several times to open his own restaurant: one plan 'The Black Magic Café' a precursor of today's theme restaurant, and the other, 'Le Petit Potage', a more 'upscale' establishment.
At some stage in 1938 Crowley acquired a set of blank menu cards, on which he recorded the menus of the meals that he had served guests (and sometimes just himself). Obviously taken with the idea he later had some personalised cards printed with his 'Mark of the Beast' seal in gilt at the top.

I was very intriged with the recent Weiser catalogue which had some of Aleister Crowleys menu cards on. Its very nice to be able to see what sort of food AC liked and actually cooked. I had known that his curries were famous but never knew that his culinary skills were more wide ranging or that he thought about opening a resturant.

As someone who also has culinary interests I wonder if anyone has any actual recipes which AC might have used. I rather think they will be interesting to try perhaps for Crowleymas.