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The Ultimate AC Experience  


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17/03/2009 11:00 am  

It would be interesting to set up geocaches [ /"> ] at various Crowley landmarks. To complete the entire multi-stage cache would be a lifetime endeavor (and quite costly!). You would need to hit all kinds of interesting sites all over the world - including a canoe excursion to Esopus Island, (an attempt to) climb K2, etc.

Of course someone would need to place all of the caches. And it seems we don't know exactly where to place the caches in Cairo.


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16/02/2010 2:15 am  

i think this is a great idea for what its worth. i dont quite understand all the details of this rather occult hobby other than leaving little time capsule like things for others to find but it sounds fun.
unfortunately i cant aford to travel as much as in my younger days. and hey im only 27 but what you gonna do .

i should be thankful ive been to basically every coutnry in western europe half in eastern europe and all the 'important ones' in east asia so staying in one place for more than a couple of years should be easy but im spoiled.

but when i get traveling i definitely would love to find AC geocaches.
the UK ones should be the easiest to set up. some one should work on this!