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Going to England

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I'll be heading to Manchester and London this March for the spring equinoxe. I'll be visiting the Resting site of Jhonn Balance up by Bassenthwaite lake and then I'll be heading to London via train.

Where can I go to Gnostic Mass?
Any Thelemites or O.T.O. want to meet for coffee or a drink?
Anything I shouldn't miss Magickally related?

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You may want to visit the three main esoteric bookshops in London, Atlantis, Treadwells and Watkins. If you start at Watkins it takes about 15 minutes to walk to Atlantis and then Treadwells another 10 minutes from there. Between Atlantis and Treadwells you may want to drop into the British Museum to see John Dee's shewstone and the Sigillum Aemeth, last time I went to the museum it is in one of the rooms on the right hand side as you go in the main entrance.

Before you go to Watkins you can go in the National Portrait Gallery to see the painting of the Master Therion, engaged in holy meditation, by Leon Engers Kennedy.

You could also go to Mortlake and visit the area where Dee lived, there is a plaque up in the church saying Dee's remains are possibly nearby. From there you can go to the churchyard where Richard Burton is entombed, one of Crowley's heroes, if you do go to the tomb don't forget to have a look round the back.

If I was visiting England I would also want to visit Glastonbury, it's a hotbed of esoteric activity and steeped in myth and pagan lore, there are a couple of decent bookshops on the highstreet selling thelemic and related books. Dion Fortune is buried there but I'm not sure exactly where.

Don't forget the olde Stonehenge.