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19/11/2019 5:33 pm  

Hi all,


So this may be a long shot, but some may know I really enjoy drumming ( a lot )and I also dabble in production/composing on computer and guitar/ keyboards as well. If you search my name chris stibrany you can find my soundcloud.


I am trying to make more time for music (at the detriment of other things I admit) at least for a little more composing. 


That said, does anyone here play guitar, bass, or also produce who would be interesting in collaborating online?


It would be extremely informal and slow moving but I think worth the fun and learning experience.  


Something music which was ritual/magick based would be fun, but it doesn't necessarily need to be so.

I like all genres but when I drum I tend towards metal and rock, and when I compose I tend toward classical, ambient, electronica, IDM and experimental. 


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20/11/2019 2:33 am  

I play guitar I'm a improve tone chop player (i'm ok at it. at one time i was capable of physically playing 11 hours a day. Now a days i'm lucky if I can find 3-4 hours a day and will probably take a break to get some reading back in. I move like a glacier.
My genre is reggae motown funk dance hall vamp groove oriented rhythm section. So not sure how well a collaboration would work out; But i listen to all kinds of music. As a improve pocket player - composing is not one of my skills. Any way always up for a jam with people that understand searching, trying, finding things and moving energy around. If ever our paths cross.

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20/11/2019 4:56 am  

"I am a one in ten, a number on a list
I am a one in ten, even though i don't exist
Nobody knows me, but im always there
A statistic, a reminder of a world that doesn't care

My arms enfold the dole queue
Malnutrition dulls my hair
My eyes are black and lifeless
With an underprivileged stare "

" Beyond And Before
I See You
Yesterday And Today
Looking Around
Harold Land
Every Little Thing
album: "Time And A Word" (1970)
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
Sweet Dreams
The Prophet
Clear Days
Astral Traveller
Time And A Word
album: "The Yes Album" (1971)
Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper
I've Seen All Good People
A Venture
Perpetual Change
album: "Fragile" (1971)
We Have Heaven
South Side Of The Sky
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Heart Of The Sunrise
album: "Close To The Edge" (1972)
Close To The Edge
And You And I
Siberian Khatru "

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20/11/2019 8:45 pm  





What do you think about laying down some guitar tracks to a click and i could try and find some drum parts to them?

Or vice versa I could email you some drum tracks and you could record on top? 

if you wanna email mine is the same as my screename here 🙂 

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21/11/2019 2:58 am  


Sent you email hope you received.

Any kind of beat s you send will be nice to work with.