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A.C.'s eyes "hooded and penetrating"

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From “Alan Watts” by Tim Lott in The Idler No. 47, “Cultivate Yourself” (2014):


I felt powerfully attracted to Alan Watts.  Not only to his ideas, but to him, personally.  Watts was no dry, academic philosopher.  With eyes hooded and penetrating like Alistair [sic] Crowley’s, he was a jester as well as a thinker, describing himself as a  ‘spiritual entertainer’.  He carried a silver cane ‘for pure swank’, he hung out with Kesey and Kerouac (he is parodied in On the Road as Arthur Whale).  His English public school educated voice was rich and deep, like a prophet’s, and his laugh juicy and contagious.  (pp. 58-59)