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Absinthe Crowley – And you can buy it!!!

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Absinthe Crowley – And you can buy it!!!

Brevans A. Crowley is an Absinthe for the gourmet. It is a barrel-aged Absinthe which was distilled in Switzerland in 2011. To support the final vintage character of this Absinthe a good portion of aged Cognac was added to the distillate before letting it rest for the next 3 1/2 years. Now the time has come and the Absinthe was released and bottled. Only 418 bottles exist of this limited edition. The taste is bombastic, mild without any alcoholic sharpness and of course woody, smoky because of the ageing. This fine Absinthe should be drank in a Cognac glass, to release its full flavor. You can either sip it neat or add a bit of ice-cold water. The label for this Absinthe shows an original painting of A. Crowley from 1931. The womans name is Gertrud Howe, a German from Berlin. Needless to say that Crowley had a relationship with here.

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Rather an attractive looking bottle - & worth keeping as an ‘empties’ alone, quite apart from the actual absinthe.

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