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Crowleyan and Thelemic innuendo has appeared in many, many video games. In this compilation, I limit myself to those games in which AC appears as a character.

Curious Expedition (PC, 9/2/2016)

Roguelike exploration game set in the 19th century. Features AC as playable character. This is an infographic I took from the wiki for his statistics. I would have taken in-game screencaps myself, but they wouldn’t have been formatted nearly as nicely as this.


Cabals (PC, ?/?/2011)

Collectable card game. Not good. Features AC as playable card, leader of the ‘Sons of Osiris’ faction.



Shin Megami Tensei II (Super Famicom, 3/18/1994)

Japanese RPG typified by an occult aesthetic. Features AC as a boss battle, after his recital of a touching soliloquy. Choronzon also appears as a hidden boss.

Boss Battle:



Univited (Macintosh, ?/?/1986)

Haunted house adventure game. Features a fancified Boleskine House as the setting and AC as ‘Master Crowley’, a magician who was betrayed by one of his disciples.




I might, in a subsequent post, make a less ornamented list of video games which feature AC more indirectly (quotes, names, etc.)

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(“Univited” in the first post ought to read “Uninvited”, but you can’t edit posts after a certain amount of time, so la-de-da.)

Here is an incomplete list of AC references in video games. The first category lists games which feature Aleister Crowley, the man himself, as an unseen character -- that is to say that he is directly mentioned but does not appear. The second category is quotations, either verbatim or nearly so. The third category is characters named after or known to be inspired by AC.

Direct references

Psychotoxic - Cult leader Aaron Crowley believes himself to be AC reincarnated.

Saints Row 3 - Ouija Board item claimed to have been in AC’s possession.

Sims 3 - “Aleister’s alchemy station”, “Aleister’s Elixir Consignment store”

Quotations, references to written materials

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Ascended Gottmensch Vivec quotes Liber AL vel Legis in Sermon One of his 36 lessons.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain - the titular ‘blood omen’ is a passage taken from Liber ABA.

Fear and Hunger: Termina - an item called ‘Occult Grimoires’ is, when read, revealed to be a book entitled Magick in Theory and Practice.

Cultist Simulator - Many subtle and artfully executed references. A very good puzzle game. I recommend it.

Hunt: Showdown - The "Book of The Law" is a named book in the game, although if I remember it contains the names of the developers or other technical information. There is a distinctly occult aesthetic and it does take place in Louisiana, around the time AC would have been living in New Orleans.

AINOs: Aleisters-in-name-only

Aleister - Blades of Destiny

Aleister Crowley - Tree of Savior

Archmage Allistarj - World of Warcraft

Adam Crowley - Nightmare Creatures

Brother Crowley - World of Warcraft

Crowley - Suikoden

Dire Crowley - Twisted Wonderland (A Disney game!)

Dolf Crowley - Vandal Hearts

Dr. Crowley - Demons’ Score

Justice - DarkSeed II (which takes place in Crowley, TX)

Mankar Camoran - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

(There is also a number of awful Japanese card games that feature magicians named Crowley, Aleister, Perdurabo and various permutations thereof; all of whom are inexplicably depicted as young women. I have chosen not to include these out of principle.)

There are many AC references in video games not included on these lists that I can feel dancing just beyond the periphery of my memory. I originally planned on updating this post every time I remembered or encountered an instance of the 93 current showing itself up in video games, but considering my new knowledge of there being a grace period for editing posts, I won’t, because I don’t reckon this topic is of enough interest to LAShTAL’s readership to justify a marathon of annoying, inconsequential posts.

I might start keeping a new list and post it in a few months’ time, or whenever it becomes large enough to warrant a post, but let the reader not hold his breath.


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Off topic:

I used to play a game called Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. I really enjoyed it.

In the modern-day London setting, there is a man who owns a curio shop called Sumner Montague.

Many of you will recognize that name as an inversion of Montague Summers, who was an eccentric acquaintance of Aleister Crowley.

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Timothy d'Arch Smith's The Books of the Beast contains a wonderful chapter on Summers. I myself didn't play Redemption, but I did play Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines and I don't seem to recall any overt references to Crowley. Bloodlines 2 is coming out in 2020, but I wouldn't count on anything of substance, considering the studio they've hired to develop it.

However, the Vampire the Masquerade video games are based on the tabletop RPG of the same name published by White Wolf, which is part of a greater TRPG canon called the World of Darkness. A fictionalized Aleister Crowley appears as a character in World of Darkness, and serendipitously as a character in Vampire the Masquerade. Here's a wiki article for him, with sources.