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Aleister Crowley sculptural shelf/corbel  


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12/10/2015 12:29 pm  

Aleister Crowley sculptural shelf/corbel

The Great Beast 666! If you are a fan of the occult then you probably know Crowley. This piece is imbued with magical symbols and has the power to conjure the gods of old. Thoth, Tiamat, and Absu implore you to buy this!

Light up your black candles, turn up the Sabbath, and open the book of Abramelin because Aleister Crowley is here to stay.

It mounts to a wall with one nail or screw through a keyhole bracket on the back.

Use it as a shelf to display a piece of art, your favorite book, something dead, precious stones, a chalice of blood, jewelry, incense, or a makeshift alter to your favorite pagan got or goddess. If you got two it you could use a wide piece of wood to make a horizontal shelf, but I wouldn't recommend using it to bare the weight of heavier objects (I wouldn't put more than about ten pounds using drywall anchored screws).

Available in White and black. If not specified, I send white by default.

This corbel measures 8.25" wide, 9" tall, 6.25" deep. Made out of super durable resin and fiberglass.

If you are interested in any other colors or materials, such as stone or if you would like it to be made to hold a substantial amount of weight(10lbs+), feel free to email me with any requests to work something more custom out.

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