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Aleister Crowley's house is set to re-open to visitors but do you dare? – Scotsman comment

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Posted by: @shiva

But an independent monitoring agency (a part of my mind that notices aberrations) has estimated that 50% of this renewed activity is off-topic.

I must apologize for this as I suspect it's mainly me that's guilty.  To me, everything is interconnected and I tend to just ramble and limn the tracery.  I'll try to do better 🙂

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Posted by: @gurugeorge

I must apologize for this as I suspect it's mainly me that's guilty.

Masochism set aside, I believe (if we do the research, which I will not do) that I am as guilty as thyself, nay, probably worsereth. [Almost] All have sinned ... and fallen from the straight path. It's like Katrice wanting to explore forbidden abrogates.

The off-topicness mostly consists of personality clashes and contemporary politics [having nothing to do with AC]. Sometimes there is interjection of off-topic material that is interesting, but still off-topic.

Aside from constant nudging back on point, this phenomenon [of dispersion] is a fact of both nature and Choronzon, which are really one, and nothing lasts forever.

Anicca, anicca ...

Anyway, everyone will now attempt (try) to maintain proper thread dharana.

The topic was Crowley's House. We all know the story of how the A.'.A.'. (no dues) got morphed into the OTO (pay up front). I find it interesting that Boleskine (once privately-AC-owned) is now becoming a commercial enterprise.

Well, of course "they" need to charge fees in order to pay off the re-construction costs and the interest on the payments for the money borrowed to do this whole thing. I suppose, in the absence of a wealthy patron, the same course would need to be followed at Cefalu.

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