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Beastli-Ness and 666

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Thanks to Frater FS:

Nessie sinks hopes of a devilish rise from deep Aberdeen Press and Journal

7 June 2006

Experts predicted yesterday would be the most likely day in history to catch a glimpse of Loch Ness's most famous resident so PAUL WILSON took to the road hoping for a sighting

For centuries the Loch Ness Monster has hidden in the depths revealing itself only occasionally when it is sure no one has a camera trained on it.

But monster-spotters believed yesterday was the day Nessie would emerge to embrace its worldwide fame.

According to the Bible's Book of Revelations, 666 is "the number of the beast" or the antichrist, and yesterday was the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year - 6/6/06.

Notorious satanist Aleister Crowley, once dubbed "the most wicked man alive", lived next to the loch at Boleskine House, Foyers, in the early 20th century.

He claimed to have experimented in black magic that led to disturbing phenomena such as a housemaid going mad and the house becoming haunted.

White witch Kevin Carlyon, the self-styled official protector of Loch Ness, predicted a record number of monster sightings yesterday because of the unholy combination of circumstances.

He said: "The date will be the best to spot Nessie in Loch Ness. The link between Loch Ness, Aliester Crowley and 666 is too much of a coincidence."

His friend Mikko Takala, 37, has three webcams trained on the loch from his Drumnadrochit home to provide 24-hour internet coverage of the waters. His website boasts up to 300,000 hits a month.

He said: "We had two sightings this morning but I concluded they were boats.

"What generally happens is the number of sightings creeps up in the evening and into the night because we get a lot of Americans logging on.

"We had four sightings reported yesterday and they were quite good ones. You can usually tell a boat pretty easily but these sightings were all quite serpentine.

"We are hoping for a lot more sightings before the day is out."

But fellow monster enthusiasts were not convinced yesterday's date had any bearing on Nessie's movements.

Steve Feltham, 43, has kept a 15-year vigil in a mobile home on the banks of the loch at Dores.

He said: "We are looking for a big fish and a big fish does not know if it is June 6 or Christmas Day. I don't see how the date can have anything to do with the monster.

"In the 19th century people spoke of seeing a big fish and over the years what they called a big fish has become known as a monster."

At Foyers, residents were similarly unimpressed by the white witch's connection between the monster and Mr Crowley's time at Boleskine House, later owned by rock star Jimmy Page.

Shopkeepers Agnes and Tim McCormack said every year fans of the occult come from all over the world hoping to see the privately owned house and the neighbouring graveyard.

Mrs McCormack said: "The monster is quite a bit older than Crowley so I cannot see the connection.

"They say St Columba saw it first hundreds and hundreds of years before.

"A lot of people ask about the house and cemetery but I don't think they take it seriously, at least they don't admit to it."

Fiona Macmillan, 34, of the Waterfall cafe, Foyers, remembers playing in the grounds of the house when it was owned by the Led Zeppelin guitarist.

She said: "It is spooky, people used to talk about poltergeists and all sorts there. But I have never heard people link it with the monster. We get more people coming here to find out more about Aliester Crowley than we do looking for Nessie."

In Fort Augustus at the southern end of the loch hundreds of tourists were making the most of yesterday's warm summer sunshine, unaware they had chosen to visit on a day tipped to be the best in history to see Nessie.

Michel and Ilona van de Stolpe, from the Netherlands, were on a walking holiday from Fort William to Inverness.

Mr van de Stolpe, 32, said: "The monster is a nice idea but I think there is no truth in it. I am a bit sceptical about this date. We will be walking the length of the loch but I am not sure we will be particularly looking out for the monster.

"But we have cameras and videos with us and we will keep them at the ready just in case."

Elaine Moran, 52, of Moorlands coffee shop next to the Caledonian Canal in Fort Augustus, said Nessie had split the community.

She said: "Half the people here are sceptics but the other half say there are things going on that cannot be explained. I am reserving judgment."

Ronald Mackenzie, 34, owns the Royal Scot, a pleasure boat that sails the length of the loch from Fort Augustus equipped with sonar equipment to reveal what lies beneath.

Mr Mackenzie said: "I think it is possible there is something like a large unknown fish down there but not a prehistoric monster."

On yesterday's supposedly favourable date there were no sightings from on board the Royal Scot.

But the previous day the sonar equipment identified an unknown object 15ft long.

The "Date of the Beast" may have proved an anticlimax for the white witch of Loch Ness but there is no sign enthusiasts and visitors will call off the search any time soon.

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Nice to see my local paper indulging in a bit of Perdurabo mischief 😛